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003 was the code-name of an unnamed fictional intelligence operative of the 'Double-O' ('00') Branch, an ultra-covert Black Ops unit within the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS/MI6). The minor character appeared briefly in the 1985 James Bond film A View to a Kill, portrayed by an unidentified performer. To date, across the James Bond franchise as a whole, there have been two individuals who have held the number 003.


Virtually nothing is known about agent 003. Agent 003 is on a mission in Siberia, investigating reports that the KGB have obtained computer chips resistant to electromagnetic pulses (EMP); potentially allowing Soviet computer equipment to function after a nuclear explosion. Mysteriously, the sole owner and manufacturer of EMP-resistant chips is a Western firm, Zorin Industries – a company owned by the wealthy industrialist Max Zorin. During his investigation, 003 was either killed by Soviet soldiers, or died from hypothermia while attempting to escape, and ends up buried in the ice and snow. Sent on mission to investigate his disappearence, James Bond finds his corpse and retrieves the sample chip he had stolen from the KGB. The chip was concealed in a locket containing a photograph of a woman and a young girl, presumably the spy's wife and child.



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