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007 was the code-name of an intentionally unnamed fictional intelligence operative of the 'Double-O' ('00') Branch, an ultra-covert Black Ops unit within the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS/MI6). The character appeared in the 2018 James Bond novel Forever and a Day. He is the immediate predecessor of James Bond, and was until 2020, the only other character to have held the 007 title.

Literary Biography

Early Life

007 was a personal friend of James Bond, and was a frequent customer of a tuxedo shop on Saville Row. He died wearing one of these suits in Marseilles, France. He was killed just over three weeks into an assignment and was found floating in the basin of La Joliette with three bullet holes in his chest.

Forever and a Day

007 was assigned to investigate the lull in Corsican drug-trafficking through Marseille, and arrived in France under the name Richard Blakeney, posing as a writer from University College researching laborers on the docks. He began his investigation out of a shabby rented apartment in Nice at number twelve on the Rue de Foncet. He kept what little information he had on his case in an envelope on the roof of the building, which he could access from the porch on his apartment. There, in an envelope he kept a gun, 200,000 francs in 10,000 franc notes, an invoice from Ferrix Chimiques in Marseilles, a postcard, and several photographs of Jean-Paul Scipio, his translator, and Madame Sixtine.[1] At some point in his investigation, 007 became romantically involved with Monique de Troyes, whom he had steal an invoice from her workplace to get leads on Irwin Wolfe before his death. He promised to take her to Paris, but died before he could make good on his word.

Investigations showed that 007 died unarmed in the middle of the day, which suggested that he had been betrayed by someone he thought of as a fried. did not leave MI6 much in the way of clues, as he was known to be tight-lipped with what information he knew.[2] After his death, some of his personal items were sent back to England, including his gold plated Dennison-Omega watch, his silver cufflinks, his wallet, and his Cartier cigarette lighter. His clothes and shoes however, remained in his apartment.[3]

When Bond was selected to replace 007 in the 00 Section, he was initially offered the moniker of 009, but in order to honor his fallen friend, and to build up an image of unyielding numbers, he asked for 007's number, and M obliged.[4]


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