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007 Hover Chase was a 2003 action-adventure racing video game that was developed by IOMO and published by Vodafone for mobile phones. The game was based on the pre-title action sequence from the 2002 film Die Another Day.


"We came back from it [Die Another Day] and thought what part of the movie we could make into a game, and the starting scene with the hovercraft chase through the minefields seemed an obvious fit. Especially with the engine work we'd put into Stuntman previously, that'd help give an engine leg-up to get the project done quickly."
― Former IOMO Senior Programmer Nick Reed.[[src]]

Since 2002, games featuring the Bond character and the 007 trademark have been published and distributed on mobile phones. In 2003, British mobile game developer IOMO began work on 007 Hover Chase, utilizing the engine from their previous racing video game project Stuntman. The new game differed, however, in that its gameplay involved continuously moving forward through a run-time generated, theoretically endless game world. The object of the game was to pass through checkpoints and get as far as possible before the hovercraft is destroyed (and 007 is taken prisoner). The landscape varied between mud, marsh, barbed-wire lined paths, and there were enemy hovercraft which would attempt to collide with the player. An auto-targeting gun was provided for destroying the latter, with booster, health and weapon-upgrade pickups provided around the course. In addition, there were several difficulty levels and unlockable arcade modes (a race around a pre-defined track, and a battle with multiple hovercraft in a restricted arena setting).[1]



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