008 is the code-name of an unnamed fictional intelligence operative of the 'Double-O' ('00') Branch, an ultra-covert Black Ops unit within the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS/MI6). The character appeared in the 1998 James Bond video-game James Bond 007. To date, across the James Bond franchise as a whole, there have been four individuals who have held the number 008.

Game Biography

MI6 sends an unnamed agent 008 into Kurdistan to dismantle an arms smuggling ring. Soon thereafter, all contact was lost with 008. M makes a decision to send James Bond to investigate his whereabouts. Travelling to Kurdistan, bond tracks 008's captor, Iqbal, to a cave north of a village and stuns him using his electrified keychain. Killing him, Bond pockets his set of keys and rescues 008. 008 informs him that they are being sold weapons by Oddjob, who is operating out of Marrakech. Bond later returns to Kurdistan to find that in the absence of the warlord Iqbal, the region has destabilised and has been overrun with the combined might of two rebel leaders - Sadam and Khatar. Near Iqbal's cave, Bond finds the corpse of 008 along with an explosive Q Branch pen, which he pockets and bids his friend goodbye.



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