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Literary characters

  • 009, an agent mentioned in Ian Fleming's novel, Thunderball (1961).
  • 009, an agent mentioned in John Pearson's novel, James Bond: The Authorised Biography (1973).
  • 009, an agent mentioned in R.L. Stine's gamebook, James Bond in Win, Place or Die (1985), which is based on the film A View to a Kill. This 009 is based on 003 of the film, who has recovered a Zorin microchip and the reader must elect to see if it is hidden inside a locket or a ski ticket (having time to only take one).
  • 009, an agent mentioned in Semic Press' 1986 comic arc, Dödlig Dubbelgångare.
  • 009, an agent who appeared in Acme press and Dark Horse Comics' 1991 graphic novel, Serpent's Tooth.

Cinematic characters

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