AT-600 Scorpion (Nightfire, GC) 1

AT-600 Scorpion, as seen in the GameCube version of Nightfire (2002).

AT-420 Sentinel/AT-600 Scorpion is an advanced rocket launcher that is seen in two James Bond games. The perks of the rocket launchers may vary for each game.


The Sentinel and the Scorpion are fictional shoulder fired, reloadable, multi-launch rocket systems. The Sentinel can be fired in either unguided or TV-guided modes, while the Scorpion replaces the TV-guided mode with heat-seeking. The Scorpion is also available as a fixed weapon on some multiplayer weapon sets.

Both weapons use the same model. Drake uses one of those models in the last level, when the player vs him.

The World is Not Enough

The M202 FLASH appears in the game as the "AT-420 Sentinel", though there are a few inaccuracies. It is incorrectly depicted as firing laser guided missiles. The four shot clip is shown extending from the front of the weapon instead of from the rear, there are no grips or sights, and there is only one hinged cover in the front (there should be a second one in the back to act as a stock).