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Admiral Kelly is a fictional Admiral of the British Royal Navy. A minor character, he appeared in the 1997 James Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies, portrayed by British actor Michael Byrne. He also was adapted for the film's accompanying novelisation, penned by Raymond Benson.


Tomorrow Never Dies (film)

During a standoff with the Chinese Navy in the South China Sea, prompted by the sinking of a British ship, Admiral Kelly commands the Royal Navy fleet from his flagship, HMS Bedford. Thanks to the work of MI6 and the Chinese Intelligence Service, Kelly receives an urgent message from the Admiralty ordering the fleet to search for a nearby Stealth Ship belonging to the real orchestrator of the international crisis - media mogul, Elliot Carver. On-board the stealth ship, James Bond breaches its hull with an improvised explosive device, making the vessel visible to the Bedford's radar. Kelly orders the fleet not to fire on the Chinese and orders an explanatory signal be sent to the Chinese fleet commander. The Admiral orders the fleet to pursue and sink the stealth ship. With the radar contact too weak for a missile lock, the Bedford opens fire on the fleeing craft with its 4.5 inch naval gun; assisted by the disabling of its engines by Bond's Chinese companion, Wai Lin. 007 completely destroys the vessel by sabotaging a stolen cruise missile on-board. The Bedford and its crew are subsequently seen searching for Bond among the wreckage.

Alternate continuities

Tomorrow Never Dies (novelisation)

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