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Alvarez was a fictional love interest of Lupe Lamora, mistress to drug lord Franz Sanchez. The character appeared in the 1989 James Bond film Licence to Kill, portrayed by actor Gerardo Albarrán, and was fleshed out in John Gardner's accompanying novelisation.


Licence to Kill (film)

Aware of his mistress' infidelity, Franz Sanchez pursues Lupe Lamora to Florida, strangling a guard and catching her with another man, Alvarez. As an ironic gesture, Sanchez orders his enforcer Dario to cut out his heart and give to Lupe, whilst he personally whips her with a manta ray tail for her betrayal. As is later noted by Milton Krest, Alvarez serves as a lesson for all Sanchez' associates who might consider fooling around with Lamora.

Alternate continuities

Licence to Kill (novelisation)

Although acting as the unknowing catalyst for Sanchez's brief incarceration by the DEA, little background information was provided for Alvarez. John Gardner's novelization describes him as one of Sanchez' former business partners with a known weakness for women.[1]



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