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The Apollo air hostess was a fictional unnamed assassin who attempted to kill James Bond aboard an Apollo Airways turboprop airliner. The minor villain and Bond girl appeared in EON Productions' 1979 film Moonraker, and was portrayed by Moroccan actress Leila Shenna.


As 007 returns from an African assignment aboard an Apollo Airways airliner, the air hostess and pilot conspire together with Jaws to kill him by crashing the plane. After kissing Bond, the hostess produces a pistol and holds the spy at gunpoint. The pilot emerges from the cockpit and takes the gun from her, handing her a parachute which she puts on. After the pilot shoots out the aircraft's controls, 007 kicks the weapon from his hand and the two brawl until the assassin ends up being knocked out of the plane - shortly followed by a parachute-less Bond. The hostess' fate is unknown.



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