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Apostis was a fictional henchman and driver employed by Greek smuggler Aris Kristatos. A supporting antagonist, the character appeared in EON Productions' 1981 James Bond film For Your Eyes Only, portrayed by South African actor, writer, director and academic Jack Klaff.


Not much is known about Apostis but other that he is a killer, driver and henchman who serves under Aris Kristatos and also Emile Locque. He is one of the men who drives a night when James Bond 007 and Milos Columbo's mistress Countess Lisl von Schlaf to her home. Apostis apparently warns Locque that he sees Bond, which later the next morning Locque, his fellow henchman Claus and another henchman would stop him. Later, Apostis participates in the finding of St. Georges although he has to wait for Bond until he returns with the ATAC system. He, along with Erich Kriegler and Kristatos come into the room where Timothy Havelock had worked but his parrot, Max, get frightened. Kriegler told Kristatos if they would deliver the ATAC to St. Cyril's but told him that he would deliver the ATAC to the Russians. Apostis is also present when Bond and Melina Havelock were being dragged freeman in the water but 007 unfortunately get his rope off and also ties it to a rock which knocks a henchman into the sea and where he and the others witnesses the man's death by sharks.

He is also present in St. Cyril's where he kicks Bond off the cliff but 007 is still attached to the cables on the cliff. He tries to break them off, but unfortunately for Apostis when trying to break the last cable he is stabbed by Bond and falls off the cliff to his death.

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