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Armitage Rook is a fictional head of security for nuclear decommissioning company Phoenix International. The character appears in the 2002 James Bond video-game 007: Nightfire and was voiced by Richard Whiten.


Armitage Rook is the head of security for Rafael Drake's Phoenix International, and like many previous henchmen, the intimidatingly built 6'6" enforcer has the ability to survive scenarios which would prove fatal to the average person. He is first seen guarding a party in industrialist Rafael Drake's Austrian castle; in reality a cover for the exchange of a stolen American missile guidance chip. Infiltrating the party, Bond makes his way to the exchange and steals the chip, pursued by Rook in a helicopter which is subsequently shot down by the spy.

Rook manages to survive the crash and is later seen at a Japanese nuclear power plant outside Tokyo in the mission "Chain Reaction", bearing heavy scarring on the left side of his face, a blinded eye and armed with a state of the art laser rifle. Despite the advantage of superior firepower, he is killed while engaged in an intense firefight with Bond. In the PC version of the game, he dies when he is killed by the lethal blades of a huge fan inside a wind-tunnel-like astronaut training facility; in the console version, he is killed much later on in the plot by Bond while inside Drake's underground shuttle hangar. In both variations, he dies while fighting Bond.



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