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Atlantis' exterior as it appeared in The Spy Who Loved Me (1977).

"Why do we seek to conquer space, when seven-tenths of our universe remains to be explored? The world beneath the sea."
Karl Stromberg[src]

Atlantis is a fictional oceanic citadel and marine research laboratory belonging to the webbed-fingered entrepreneur and criminal mastermind, Karl Stromberg. The location made its first appearance in the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me and was later featured in the 2008/09 mobile video game James Bond: Top Agent.


Stromberg's obsession with the ocean encouraged him to construct Atlantis. To all extents, the structure is a palace both in scale and opulence, looking like a giant 4-legged, 200 meter-tall metal frog supported by huge ballast tanks.[1] Similar to the grand volcano fortress of Blofeld, a major advantage of Atlantis is its ability to remain undetected; in the latter's case by submerging itself underwater so as not to be seen or detected. Located off the coast of Sardinia, Italy, Atlantis has everything to support life above and below water for any length of time. In fact, Atlantis is more like a city, able to support dozens, if not hundreds, of people. The structure consists of the dining room, Stromberg's study & aquarium, speedboat docks, 4 helipads (one on each leg), laboratory, long corridors and the Shark Tank. Atlantis has a number of elevators, but in the main one Stromberg has a trap door which opens by the push of a button sending enemies and disobedient members of staff to the shark. When Stromberg learns his assistant has given the tracking plans to Aziz Fekkesh and Max Kalba, he opens the trap door and sends her into the shark tank where she is eaten. Stromberg later attempts to kill James Bond with the trap but he avoids the death by shark, by balancing himself on the edges of the floor. The shark is later killed by Jaws and his metal munchers when Bond drops him into the tank.

Atlantis is finally destroyed by the USS Wayne and it sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

Behind the Scenes[]

Derek Meddings' Atlantis miniature

Derek Meddings' Atlantis miniature on location, October 1976.

According to production designer Ken Adam, for The Spy Who Loved Me the renowned set designer decided to experiment with curved shapes for the scenery, as he felt all his previous setpieces were "too linear". This was demonstrated with the Atlantis, which is a dome and curved surfaces outside, and many curved objects in Stromberg's office inside.[2]In October of 1976, the second unit travelled to Nassau to film the underwater sequences which included the Atlantis model. Stromberg's shark tank was also filmed in the Bahamas, using a live shark in a saltwater swimming pool.[3]




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