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The atomic specialist is a fictional unnamed atomic specialist working with the CIA and United States military. A minor ally, the character appeared in EON Productions' 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger and was portrayed by Canadian actor Robert MacLeod.


Very little is known about the atomic specialist. After the CIA is informed of Auric Goldfinger's plan to detonate a Chinese atomic device inside Fort Knox (supposedly rendering the gold useless for 58 years and increasing the value of Goldfinger's own gold), the atomic specialist accompanies CIA agent Felix Leiter to the Depository. As Pussy Galore's Flying Circus spray a harmless gas over Fort Knox (originally intended by Goldfinger to be Nerve gas), the military personnel of Fort Knox convincingly play dead until they are certain that they can prevent the criminals from escaping the base with the bomb. Believing the military forces to be neutralised, Goldfinger's private army breaks into Fort Knox and accesses the vault itself as he arrives in a helicopter with the atomic device. In the vault, Oddjob handcuffs James Bond to the device. As the US troops attack, Bond extricates himself from the handcuffs and manages to electrocute Oddjob. Bond forces the lock off the bomb, but is unable to disarm it. The atomic specialist, who accompanied Leiter into the vault, turns off the device with the clock stopped on "0:07".

Behind the scenes

The atomic specialist originally stopped the bomb at "0:03" seconds, hence Bond's "three more ticks" line. However, this was changed in the American release version to "0:07".


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