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James Bond Jr.: "You're mad, Goldfinger! "
Goldfinger: "If you mean mad about gold, you're right. "
―From the episode Cruise to Oblivion.[src]

Auric Goldfinger is a fictional gold smuggler who appeared in the 1991 animated television series, James Bond Jr., and its accompanying 1992 Marvel comic-book series of the same name. Voiced by Jan Rabson, Goldfinger is based on his movie counterpart (portrayed by Gert Fröbe).


Despite his death in Ian Fleming's novel Goldfinger and its Eon film adaptation, Auric Goldfinger returned in the 1991 animated television series James Bond Jr.. One of the least altered of the returning 007 characters, Goldfinger continued to be motivated entirely by greed and was assisted by henchman Oddjob. Aside from his unexplained survival, one of the notable changes to his character was the inclusion of a teenage daughter, named Goldie, who was as greedy and ruthless as her father.


  • Earth Cracker
  • Cruise to Oblivion
  • Goldie's Gold Scam
  • Killer Asteroid

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