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Avenue of Death is an Adobe Flash browser game based on a chapter in the 2007 Young Bond book Hurricane Gold. Incorporating several types of playstyles, the game was developed by TAMBA Internet and released in September 2007.[1]


The game requires the player to complete actions describes in Charlie Higson's Hurricane Gold while also collecting coins and scepters to add to the player's score.

Level 1

The first mission is a platforming level that requires James to jump to avoid spikes that come out of the floor. In an interesting exploit, the game provides the player with enough health to simply walk through the spikes

Level 2

The second mission involves using the A key to choose an angle from a meter and the space bar to choose a momentum in order to jump over a chasm containing the Mayan Snake god Gucumatz.

Level 3

Bond must avoid hot floor plates by jumping to land on ones that are not heated.

Level 4

Bond must avoid a jaguar by crawling under and jumping over small blockades

Level 5

Bond must swim through darkness in order to locate a fuse to a stock of dynamite while avoiding the deadly sea god Hun Came.

Level 6

Bond must take out a match from a box, strike it, and use it to light the fuse on the dynamite in order to escape.



According to The Book Bond blog,, a service that tracked over 200 million viral game views across the web, ranked the “Avenue of Death” as the second most viewed viral game online in October 2007.[2]



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