Barbara Bach (born Barbara Goldbach) is an American actress and model known as the Bond girl/Russian spy Anya Amasova (Agent Triple X) from the 1977 Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. She has been married to former Beatle Ringo Starr since 1981.


  • Bach was lucky to get the role after Lois Chiles, whom producer Albert R. Broccoli originally wanted to play Anya Amasova, rejected the part because she was temporarily retired from acting after receiving some harsh criticism. Chiles went on to become the Bond girl in Moonraker.
  • Bach's character, Anya Amasova, is one of the only people in the James Bond film series who has referred to the character Q by the name of "Major Boothroyd", his official title.
  • Bach appeared in three films throughout the mid-late 1970s with the enormous actor Richard Kiel, who played the henchman Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me. They both also appeared in Force 10 from Navarone in 1978 (starring Robert Shaw and Harrison Ford) and in the The Humanoid in 1979.
  • The gun that Bach uses as Anya Amasova is a .25 caliber Beretta Model 950 Jetfire in stainless steel finish.



On the set of The Spy Who Loved Me with Bach, Moore, and others

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