"Tell them they should have treated me right."
― Hawkwood to Bond before his suicide

Beckett Hawkwood is a fictional rogue MI5 operative, working for the rebirth of SPECTRE, and is the main villain in the 2016 James Bond comic Eidolon.

Comic Biography


Beckett Hawkwood was widely recognized as a great soldier and a war hero, and he eventually came to work for MI5. In the line of duty, however, the left half of his face was irreparably disfigured, and he received nothing, or minimal compensation in return. At that point Hawkwood stopped believing in any true ideal, but became motivated entirely by currency. At some point, possibly before joining MI5, Hawkwood was made a member of an Eidilon unit of SPECTRE. Eidolon was a series of four man cells within various security agencies worldwide with the purpose of stockpiling munitions and soldiers for the return of SPECTRE.

After an accountant left traces of Eidolon activity, Hawkwood tore his head off, and was assigned with another Eidolon operative from MI5 to assassinate those who had found the traces as they left Heathrow Airport, but their car was armored, and the assassins could not pursue them when they went onto a main road, as they wished not to attract attention.

A Spy later found Hawkwood and his operatives working in the Box Tunnel, an MI5 weapons reserve, and Hawkwood was then called to eliminate the Commissioner of Defense, as well as the Head of MI6, on orders of his Eidolon cohort, MI5 director Sir Stephen Mackmain. Mackmain was killed in a trap lain by MI6, and left Hawkwood as the only remaining MI5 Eidolon member. He escaped the building, but was chased by MI6 Agent 007, who eventually crashed his car into a statue. At that point Hawkwood worked with his mercenaries to utilize a vacuum bomb to destroy the parlaiment building, but was stopped by MI6 operatives patrolling the area, so Hawkwood resolved to eliminate the MI6 building instead. His truck was smashed off course by 007, who convinced him to kill himself due to the police's impending arrival. 007 offered Hawkwood a chance to die unconnected to the crime, or to live as a criminal, so Hawkwood slit his throat.

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