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Bill was a fictional Wavekrest Marine Research security guard and Sanchez Cartel thug tasked with protecting the cartel's warehouse in Florida, United States. The minor character appeared in the 1989 James Bond film Licence to Kill, portrayed by actor Carl Ciarfalio, and was also briefly featured in John Gardner's accompanying novelization.


Bill was one of two security guards present at Milton Krest's warehouse in Florida. He assisted in the maiming of DEA operative Felix Leiter by hauling a chunk of meat, which acted as bait for the shark which would attack him. Following the reprisal, the guards took care of rogue DEA agent Ed Killifer as he waited to be smuggled out of the country. He answers the door when a vengeful James Bond investigates the warehouse and later holds the spy at gunpoint when he infiltrates the facility at night. Bond, having discovered cocaine hidden in a maggot incubator, hurls a fistfull of maggots into the guard's face and throws him into the incubator, shutting the sliding drawer behind him with a 'Bon Appétit!'. Later, Bill's body is found by the police, along with that of the second guard and small pieces of Killifer.

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