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"I know he lives! ... For it is my destiny― and mine alone― to do away with the famous 007!"
― Blackclaw.[1]

Blackclaw was the fictional head of a covert SMERSH laser weapon development program. The character served as the primary antagonist of PlayValue Books' 1985 childrens' spin-off storybook Blackclaw's Doomsday Plot.


Operating out of a floating, man-made island in the Atlantic ocean, Blackclaw is the ruthless head of a SMERSH project to develop an immensely powerful laser weapon. With it, the organization plans to render the warheads of the superpowers useless, allowing SMERSH to become the ultimate power on Earth. To further the project, he kidnaps noted scientist, Dr. Margaret Manfield and holds her on his island. His scheme begins to unravel when British agent James Bond uncovers cargo bound for the project and, after a failed assassination attempt, is sent by his superior M to destroy the weapon and rescue Dr. Manfield. As he follows a cargo ship to the villain's island lair, the periscope of 007's midget submarine is spotted by Blackclaw's cameras. After snooping around, he is quickly captured and thrown in a cell with Manfield, with the hope that he will persuade her to work on the weapon. Naturally, 007 escapes using Q Branch equipment and sabotages the laser with adhesive button-bombs, each with a ten-minute fuse. Driven towards the brink of insanity by the prospect of failure, Blackclaw brawls with 007 and is eventually overcome. Bond and Margaret escape the island as the explosives detonate - completely destroying Blackclaw's island.


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