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The Angels of Death are twelve beautiful women from all over the world (though only from the UK in the novel) Henchwomen of Irma Bunt being brainwashed by Blofeld under the guise of allergy treatment in the Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Their mission is to help Blofeld contaminate and ultimately sterilize the world's food supply according to their respective allergies, which are staple foods from their homeland. Blofeld claimed he will rescind this threat if all his past crimes are pardoned and he is recognized as the current Count de Bleauchamp.

Name Allergy Nationality Portrayed by
Ruby Bartlett.png Ruby Bartlett (Ruby Windsor in novel) Chicken British Angela Scoular
Nancy angel of death .png Nancy Potatoes Hungarian Catherine Von Schell
Dani sheridan.png Unknown Pork American Dani Sheridan
Julie ege as helen with fish allergy.png Helen Fish Scandinavian Julie Ege
Hempel.jpg Unknown Beef Australian Anouska Hempel
Indian girl zaheeda sara.png Unknown Lentils Indian Zaheeda/Zara
Mona Chong Chinese girl.png Unknown Rice Chinese Mona Chong
Irish girl .png Unknown Corn Irish Jenny Hanley
English girl joanna lumley.png Unknown ??? English Joanna Lumley
Israeli girl helena ronee.png Israeli Girl Shellfish Israeli Helena Ronee
German girl ingrid back.png Unknown Citrus German Ingrid Back
Jamaican girl sylvana henriques.png Unknown Bananas Jamaican Sylvana Henriques


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