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Ernst Stavro Blofeld is the fictional head of the global criminal organisation SPECTRE. Based on the Thunderball character of the same name, he appears in the novel's unofficial film adaption, Never Say Never Again (1983), and is portrayed by Swedish actor Max von Sydow. He was one of eight men to play the iconic role of Blofeld on screen.


Blofeld has had one of his agents, Jack Petachi, undergo an operation on his right eye to make it match the retinal pattern of the US President, which he uses to circumvent iris recognition security at an American military base in England. While doing so, he has his lieutenant Maximillian Largo replace the dummy warheads in two cruise missiles with live nuclear warheads; SPECTRE then try to use the warheads to extort billions of dollars from NATO governments. However, James Bond manages to foil the plot, and Largo is killed. SPECTRE's and Blofeld's fates after that remain unknown.



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