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Leslie1Adam12 Leslie1Adam12 21 May

Agent Cody Banks

as Agent Cody Banks]] as Natalie Connors]]

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SuplexAllNinjas SuplexAllNinjas 18 January

If James Bond Universe would be categorized like DC Universe

Golden Age/Gold-Silver cusp, Post-Comics Code Authority: 1953-1957

  • Ian Fleming, early Bond (Casino Royale to From Russia with Love)

Silver Age, Early half: 1958-1962

  • Daily Express comicstrips, John McLusky era (1958/Casino Royale to 1962/Thunderball)
  • Ian Fleming, mid-phase (Dr. No to Thunderball)

Silver Age, Later half: 1962-1967

  • Connery (Dr. No to YOLT)
  • Ian Fleming, last/experimental (Spy who Loved Me to Octopussy & Living Daylights)
  • Daily Express comicstrips, last of John McLusky era (OHMSS to YOLT)

Bronze Age, Earlier half: 1968-1976

  • Films: Lazenby (OHMSS), Connery return (DAF), Early Moore (Live and Let Die, MWTGG)
  • Colonel Sun
  • Daily Express comicstrips, Yaroslav Horak

Bronze, Later half/DC implosion: 1977-1985

  • Moore prime (Spy who Loved Me to View t…
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Macalan13 Macalan13 10 December 2022

Blofeld and Bunt relationship (literary)

Did literary Blofeld had feelings for Irma Bunt or he only saw her as a valuable pawn ?

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RayBell RayBell 20 July 2022

Scottish Bond locations

Here are a few Bond-related places that you can visit in Scotland. The usual disclaimers apply, but this should give you a few ideas. (Click on the link to see a better view of this page)

  • 1 Edinburgh
    • 1.1 Fettes College
    • 1.2 Sean Connery's birthplace
  • 2 West Highlands
    • 2.1 Eilean Donan
  • 3 Arnisdale and Glenelg
    • 3.1 Glencoe
  • 4 Argyll
  • 5 Fife and Dundee
    • 5.1 Newport upon Tay
    • 5.2 Dundee

There is a lot to see in Edinburgh in general. Along with the Bond connections, there is also the Forth Bridge nearby featured in another spy thriller, The Thirty Nine Steps... this is worth a visit. You can see it from South Queensferry, or cross it if you take the train from Edinburgh to the north (Dundee, Aberdeen, Fife etc.)

If you visit the Camera Obscura, up by Edinburgh Castle, you will…

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RayBell RayBell 31 May 2022

Who's Who in Austin Powers?

We all know that the Austin Powers series relies heavily on Bond references, but who is who? It's difficult to make one to one correspondences, but some of them have a bit in common with certain James Bond characters... in no particular order:

Not every Austin Powers character is a neat match for a Bond one. Two spring to mind:

  • Who exactly is Fat Bastard then? There are a few Scottish characters in the films, but none remotely like this.
  • Foxy Cleopatra doesn't fit in well either. Her Blaxploitation vibe wouldn't be out of place in Live and Let Die, but it's hard to think of an equivalent. One of the early black Bond girls is Rosie Carver, played by Gloria Hendry, but she does not work well here.
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RayBell RayBell 12 April 2022

EON isn't canon

One thing I notice here and elsewhere is the notion that EON productions are canon, because EON says it is canon. Leaving aside the connotations of a quasi-religious word like "canon", I've always looked at it another way, i.e. how much does it have to do with Ian Fleming?

Ian Fleming was the creator of James Bond, and everything has to go back to him. A lot of EON productions, especially the more recent ones, have little to do with Fleming's work at all.

We're told on here the 1967 Casino Royale and Never Say Never Again are not "canon". This is mainly because they're standalone pieces, and don't have much to do with the EON film series (although many people swear that Xenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen) has a touch of Fatima Blush about her.) Yet b…

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RayBell RayBell 5 April 2022

My bottom five Bond films

My pick for bottom five Bond films. But it's not all doom and gloom, I list what I consider their redeeming features too!

005: Moonraker — a bit of predictive programming here for today's billionaires, who seem to despise the seething masses of Earthlings and want to reduce their numbers. Sir Hugo Drax has more than a little touch of Elon Musk, Sir Richard Branson or even Bill Gates about him. The film has gone from being one of the more outlandish, laughable Bond plots to one of the more plausible and chilling ones in a matter of a few years. This film is destroyed by some very corny jokes, dated effects, the Jaws subplot and numerous other things. Redeeming features - Lois Chiles and Michael Lonsdale both play their roles well, and Moore is…

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RayBell RayBell 27 March 2022



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Brandon Edgar Brandon Edgar 13 January 2022

The Ranking

Just to be clear, this is all personal opinion and it's ok if you don't agree with me. Just don't blow up about it.

  • 1 James Bond - 007
  • 2 Movies
  • 3 Villains
  • 4 Bond Girls
  • 5 M
  • 6 Q
  • 7 Moneypenny
  • 8 Felix Leiter
  • 9 Henchpeople
  • 10 Title Songs/Themes

  1. Sean Connery
  2. Daniel Craig
  3. Timothy Dalton
  4. Roger Moore
  5. Pierce Brosnan
  6. George Lazenby
  7. David Niven

  1. You Only Live Twice
  2. Casino Royale
  3. Goldfinger
  4. Dr. No
  5. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  6. Licence to Kill
  7. GoldenEye
  8. Skyfall
  9. For Your Eyes Only
  10. No Time to Die
  11. Diamonds Are Forever
  12. The Man with the Golden Gun
  13. From Russia With Love
  14. Live And Let Die
  15. The World is Not Enough
  16. Spectre
  17. A View to a Kill
  18. The Living Daylights
  19. The Spy Who Loved Me
  20. Quantum of Solace
  21. Moonraker
  22. Thunderball
  23. Never Say Never Again
  24. Tomorrow Never Dies
  25. Casino Royale spoof
  26. Octopussy
  27. Die Another Day

  1. Ernst Stav…

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TheBatman7879 TheBatman7879 7 November 2021

Young Bond to be adapted into movies?

So we all know Young Bond, right? Well, Bond is like 40 or 50 in the movies, so why not adapt Young Bond? We could see him when he was 20. Good way to explore Bond's origins. No, not Spectre. That movie was trash. Could be a way to keep the franchise going, but in a different style.

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Rappo446 Rappo446 11 October 2021

No Time To Die Locations Ranked

In the No Time To Die location category page, there are currently three locations: Frozen lake, El Nido Bar and Norway. Which article is your favorite?

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DarRam DarRam 8 October 2021


MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT! If you have not seen the latest Bond film, click off the page now! For your own sake, go watch the film, then come back to this page if you want to...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................…

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Gfjjgrrvhjhv Gfjjgrrvhjhv 4 October 2021


random blog

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Wiggly Rocker Wiggly Rocker 4 October 2021

(SPOILER WARNING!) How The Bond Saga Can Continue Now

Right now, The Double-0 7 Saga is on a point where we don't know how it's gonna continue, since Bond is now dead (SPOILER), we don't know what the producers will do now with the character, so technically, there are only two ways to continue the Bond Saga:

  1. Reboot The Saga Once Again: Nowadays, other cinematographic studios are making what i call Re-Reboots, which is rebooting a saga that has already been rebooted, some examples would be Ben 10 and Nightmare On Elm Street, so it may could be possible that we see Bond's origins once again, not with Casino Royale, but with Silverfin, that's the only way i can see possible to Re-Reboot the saga.
  2. Make The Codename Theory Canon: For those who don't know, there's a theory that says James Bond is jus…
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Wiggly Rocker Wiggly Rocker 30 September 2021

Diamonds Are Forever (My Version)

Back when George Lazenby was chosen to play Bond in 1969, EON Productions asked him to do 8 more 007 films, but his agent told him to "Not do it, because the Bond saga was over and it wouldn't be relevant in the 1970's" which he believed it.

Now, What If George didn't listened to him and did the following 8 films? Here's my version of how it would have been, starting with Diamonds Are Forever.

Ever since Tracy's death, Bond is so much more obsessed with stopping Blofield, at the point he disobeys orders and regrets to do his assignments, which ends up on M revoking his licence to kill and taking him out of the MI6. After becoming a fugitive, Bond realises he's alone in this and can't count on anyone, later that night, Moneypenny goes to Fel…

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 17 April 2021

Will it be released

I wonder if No Time to Die will meet the release date that it has set for November 8th because i think it was a good move in delaying the film until November since there is a chance that the movie will hopefully release on that date and I hope it doesn't get delayed a fourth time because this movie just keeps getting delayed

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 5 March 2021

Today is my birthday

Today I am celebrating my 25th Birthday however this year I am going to be celebrating it at home since we're currently in the middle of a lockdown but that's not gonna stop me from getting to see my Birthday movie Raya And The Last Dragon

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 18 February 2021

Go To Bond Movie

If you were trapped in a room with one bond movie and in order to get out of that room, you needed to watch that one Bond Movie for 24 Hours in order to get out, what movie would you pick to watch for 24 Hours. Personally I’d probably pick either Casino Royale or Skyfall since those are some of my favourites but I might also pick On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

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Paulcaleb12 Paulcaleb12 4 February 2021

Top 5 Sean Connery James Bond movies

My top 5 favorite Sean Connery James Bond movies are

  1. Goldfinger
  2. Dr No
  3. You Only Live Once
  4. Thunderball
  5. From Russia with Love
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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 28 January 2021

Bell Let's Talk

I was diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder when I was 13 after I ended up having a mental blackout where I didn't know who I was and I couldn't remember anything that I was doing. I would go through my daily life but didn't even know it was happening. That was the most terrifying moment in my life so there's no harm in admitting that you need help

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 23 January 2021

No Time to Die 3rd Delay

Well I had a feeling that No Time to Die was gonna get delayed again but this time I'm not actually bummed too much about it. I mean I am bummed about it but I kind of knew that it was gonna happen but it was only a matter of just when. I'd be a little okay if they delayed it to 2022 since it would concede with the 60th Anniversary of the James Bond Franchise which would be also fitting since it would concede with the 10th Anniversary of Skyfall which would be good sort of.

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 2 January 2021

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone, this year hopefully will see the release of the latest James Bond Movie No Time to Die after being delayed twice in 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic. Personally I'm hoping that it does get released this year but I'd be lying if I didn't admit to have a little bit of a worry that they'll delay it again. A small part of me would kind of be okay with it being delayed to 2022 because it would line up with the 60th Anniversary of the 007 Film Franchise

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Montana1983 Montana1983 25 December 2020


Hello everybody.

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Tropic434 Tropic434 25 December 2020

Hello everybody

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 25 December 2020

Merry Christmas Everyone

It's finally Christmas and I can't wait to spend the day with family and just having a very relaxed day today. It's going to be a good day today and I hope that everyone has a wonderful day

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 5 December 2020

007 Tomorrow Never Dies

I know that Tomorrow Never Dies isn't exactly a classic like Goldeneye 007 but it's a game that I grew up with and I have fond memories of playing the game and I will openly admit that it is a broken game but that probably had to do with the fact that it was probably rushed through development in order to meet with the release of Tomorrow Never Dies on VHS therefore meaning they didn't have proper time to make sure the game was functional but some of the cheats in the game can break it and while cheats in a game can be fun, they're not so much fun when they can break the game

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 3 December 2020


I know that Tenet isn't a James Bond Movie but it's the only spy movie that we got this year due to the ongoing situation in the world and I was curious to know what everyone thought of it if they were able to go out and see it. I was able to see it in IMAX back in August because it actually got released here in Canada which honestly surprised me because I was a bit worried that when it was getting released at the end of August, I thought that Canada would eventually get it but since the situation isn't as bad here, I went to Tenet when it started screening here and without getting into spoilers about it, I think it was an incredibly good movie that had an interesting concept and I can't wait to watch it again when it comes out on Home Vide…

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 1 December 2020

Goldfinger 007

Goldfinger 007 is a mod for the Nintendo 64 Game Goldeneye and this game feels like a true sequel to the game Goldeneye because it is so cool to see a sequel to Goldeneye even more than the game Perfect Dark and I love it so much but one of my gripes with regards to the level design because sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 30 November 2020

What Direction would you like to see Project 007 go in

With regards to the upcoming James Bond game that is in the works going under the title of Project 007, what direction would you be interested in seeing the game going. Personally I'd be interested in seeing if the studio IO Interactive is either going to do the game as a Third Person Game like the Hitman Series or if they would try their hand at doing a First Person Game because I feel like that has potential and would be interesting since best to my knowledge, I don't think IO Interactive has made a game with a First Person Camera

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 27 November 2020

Why Goldeneye 007 is my favorite James Bond game

I know that this is a blog that won't get attention but the reason that Goldeneye 007 is my favorite James Bond Game is because it's a game that I have a lot of memories of and I'll never forget coming home from daycare when I was 4 or 5 and seeing Goldeneye 007 on the kitchen. I didn't realize it when I was that young but it would be a game that ended up having a big impact on me as a gamer. It's also something that I always remember because I always consider either Goldeneye 007 as the first video game I ever played and it's a great game to start off my life as a gamer. I even remember playing Goldeneye 007 one morning during December where we got a Christmas Tree and breakfast so I always remember that morning well

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 24 November 2020

Favorite James Bond Games

Here is a list of some of my favorite James Bond Games

007: Nightfire

007: Everything or Nothing

007: Agent Under Fire

007: Blood Stone

007: From Russia With Love

007: Tomorrow Never Dies

Goldeneye 007 (N64)

007: Quantum of Solace

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 19 November 2020

Project 007

Well we haven't had a new James Bond game in over 8 years so this has me intrigued to be honest because IO Interactive is a really good developer so seeing them working on a James Bond will be interesting to say the least because the Hitman Games do have a James Bond feel to them with the stealth elements


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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 17 November 2020

Casino Royale 14th Anniversary

Today marks the 14th Anniversary of Daniel Craig's debut as the titular secret agent James Bond in Casino Royale (2006). This is a movie that I have a great story about. I remember being so excited to see Casino Royale on the opening weekend that it came out but I was a bit bummed that I was gonna have to wait until Saturday or Sunday to get to see it however things changed and I ended getting to see it on November 17th. I had a bit of a problem of sometimes falling asleep at movies when I was younger but I certainly didn't fall asleep when I saw Casino Royale that night. Now Casino Royale is a movie that I liked when I was 10 years old but when I watched it again on the 10th Anniversary in 2016, I didn't just like the movie still, I ended…

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 15 November 2020

Goldeneye Doom 2

I doubt that there's a page on this wiki about it but years ago I played a total conversion wad that someone made of Goldeneye in Doom 2 and it's certainly an interesting thing to say the least and I mean that in the best way because it is really cool that someone did a total conversion of Goldeneye in Doom 2 because I know it happened to be made by one of the people that worked on Goldeneye Source which is another cool conversion of Goldeneye in Half Life 2 but it's multiplayer only

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 13 November 2020

Never Say Never Again

so with the recent passing of Sir Sean Connery, do we still have the debate of whether or not Never Say Never Again is canon or if Never Say Never Again is not canon because I've always been absolutely fascinated by Never Say Never Again just mainly the fact that Never Say Never Again was released by Warner Bros. How the heck did that even happen because I've always wondered how that could happen since I've always been wondering how this would be able to happen given that the James Bond Franchise is owned by MGM

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 12 November 2020

Timothy Dalton as Bond

I feel like Timothy Dalton's run as James Bond showed off some of the darkert side of James Bond as a character and I absolutely adored the way that Timothy Dalton added a brutal side to Bond that I feel comes through in the Daniel craig era of Bond

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 11 November 2020

Why Daniel Craig was perfect as James Bond

The reason that I think Daniel Craig did a really good job as James Bond is because I feel like Daniel Craig ended up having a bit of every actor that has played 007 over the years. The bond that I compare Daniel Craig's run as similar to Timothy Dalton's run as James Bond because Timothy Dalton's movies particularly License to Kill being one of the darker Bond films

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 10 November 2020

No Time To Die Release Date in 2021

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong but did the release date that No Time to Die get moved to the same date that it was supposed to be this year in 2020 or am I just imagining things because I could have sworn that the original release date for No Time to Die was April 2nd 2020 and then it got moved to November 2020 then moved again to April 2021 in what i think might be the date that it was meant to come out originally. I still can't tell if this is something that makes me laugh or if it just happened to be a massive coincidence

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 7 November 2020

Favorite James Bond Cinema Moments

Here are some of my favorite memories from seeing the Bond movies in theaters

I always have a soft spot for Die Another Day even though it's the weakest entry in Brosnan's run as James Bond and the reason I have a soft spot for it since it was the first Bond movie that I saw in theaters at 6 years old.

I have a special place in my heart for Casino Royale (06) because I thought I was gonna be seeing the movie over the weekend of November 17th 2006 but luckily got to see it opening night and my god I didn't fall asleep. I had a tendency to fall asleep during movies when I was younger but Casino Royale had me hooked from the opening scene alone. It's one of those movies that I really liked when I was 10 years old seeing it for the first time bu…

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 6 November 2020

From Russia With Love Video Game

I think that From Russia with Love (2005) is one of my favorite of the EA James Bond video games and it's a great game because of the fact that Sean Connery actually came back to voice James Bond which was something that was awesome.

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 5 November 2020

Why From Russia With Love is one of my favorite Sean Connery James Bond Movies

Okay now this is always one of those things that will always be a debated question and even more so now with the recent passing of the late Sir Sean Connery but over the years From Russia With Love has always been one of my favorite of the Sean Connery Bond movies because it has probably the most complex plot but it's one of those films that I've gained a deeper appreciation over the years when I rewatch it

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 2 November 2020

R.I.P Sean Connery

R.I.P Sean Connery, the man that started off the cinematic franchise with the release of Dr. No in 1962 and it's a movie that I gained a deeper appreciation of the film when I got older because I was 19 when I got a deeper appreciation for Dr. No as a movie and also the Bond Movies in General

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 1 November 2020

Happy November Everyone

Well everyone it's the start of a new month so I'd like to wish everyone a Happy November and try to make it be the best month that you can make it. I'm not gonna go into too much details about my October but let's just say that October wasn't exactly a good month for me because it seemed like the universe was against me towards the end of the month and felt like it would be a good idea to be like hey you know how the first half of your month wasn't so bad, well let's put a change to all that in the last two weeks. I'd rather not go into details about it but I realized that the wikis I'm on are the perfect way to start anew and put all of the bad things that happened in the previous month behind me. New Start, New Me :)

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 29 October 2020

Favorite Bond Theme

What are some of your favorite Bond Theme Songs


Writing On The Wall

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 28 October 2020

Bond Cinema Memories

What are some memories that you associate with seeing the James Bond movies in the cinemas

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 27 October 2020

Why James Bond Means So Much to Me

The reason that the character of James Bond means so much to me is that he is one of my favorite characters from when I was growing up because I remember many times when I was little where I would dress up as James Bond for Halloween and I played the video games from EA as well as having a memory of coming home one day to play Goldeneye when I was 4 years ago.

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 26 October 2020

No Time to Die Another Delay in 2021

Do you think that it's possible that No Time to Die could end up having a third delay in 2021 because I can't stop shaking this feeling that 2021 could roll around and we find out that it got pushed back another few months

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 25 October 2020

James Bond Episodic Video Games

I've always thought that James Bond could work well in an episodic format in video games if you were to get a good set of writers and make sure that they keep the continuity between writers in order to make sure that story doesn't change or even go with the idea of taking a different bond and doing an adaptation of their most famous stories

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 24 October 2020

No Time to Die New Release Date

anyone else find it funny that the new release date for No Time to Die got moved to April 2021 and I think in the date that it was supposed to release this year

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 23 October 2020

Video Games

Sometimes I've been curious about learning how to use DOSBox again and try out some of the old James Bond games on DOS

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