Briony Thorne, codename Agent 0013 was a character, and main Bond Girl in the 1971 James Bond Comic Fear Face by Jim Lawrence.

Comic Biography

Fear Face

While on a mission in Hong Kong, Briony was kidnapped by Ferenc Kress, who kept her under hypnotic drugs and framed her for selling out two fellow operatives to Chinese Communists. Kress then left her in Italy with a fake Canadian passport and a plane ticket to England. When she returned, she broke into the apartment of her former lover James Bond, where she explains herself, and Bond flips a coin to decide wether or not to believe her. She gives him the names "Magnus Mining" and "Lambert". Bond investigates them, but while he was away Bill Tanner broke in to his apartment, and held Briony captive until Bond returned and knocked Tanner out. The two then went to the home of Ivor Lambert where they were captured by him and Kress. Bond was able to slip his bonds and call the authorities. Briony's name was then cleared with the information gained from Kress, and she was re-instated as Agent 0013.


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