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"Mr. Gupta's little trick with the encoder worked... they gave their last position 70 miles from here. The British Navy will never find them."
― Captain Scott after the sinking of the Devonshire.[src]

Captain Scott was the fictional Stealth Ship captain and a security agent employed by CMGN. A supporting antagonist portrayed by British actor, Mark Spalding, the character first appeared in the 1997 film, Tomorrow Never Dies, and was also seen in Raymond Benson's accompanying novelization.


Scott served as the captain of the stealth ship secretly operated by the Carver Media Group Network (CMGN), acting under direct orders from Elliot Carver and his right-hand man, Stamper. He was a direct participant in the plans of the former to provoke a war between the United Kingdom and China as reprisal for the latter nation's refusal to allow him broadcasting rights. To this end, Carver used his media influence to form an alliance with the rogue Chinese general Chang. Men under Carver's direction commandeered the stealth ship Chang had developed and ultimately, under Scott's observation, used it to sink the British frigate HMS Devonshire and shoot down a Chinese MiG fighter jet, with each nation blaming the other. Scott personally ordered the Chinese jet shot down.

Following the attack, he observed Stamper after he and Timblin mercilessly executed seventeen Devonshire survivors. Following this, the captain ordered his divers down to the wreck of the frigate to extract the missiles from its cargo hold while fellow Carver associate Henry Gupta used a stolen U.S. encoder device to erase the GPS signature of the British ship and incriminate the Chinese.

Days later, with both the British and Chinese having deployed their fleets to the contested waters near the purported site of the attack, Scott observed as the final phase of Carver's plan was launched. However, James Bond and Wai Lin, agents of the two potentially warring nations, infiltrated the stealth ship and killed a number of the captain's subordinates before ultimately disrupting the ship's stealth systems through sabotage and inciting the HMS Bedford to open fire. As he faced withering volleys from both British and Chinese fleets, Scott ordered most of the crew to evacuate; he remained at the bridge with a handful of technicians, attempting to save the doomed vessel. Bond, intent on stopping Carver's ambitions, appeared at the bridge; when Scott and one of his men went for their weapons, the British secret agent shot them both.


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