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― Bond, after electrocuting Capungo.[src]

Capungo (Spanish for thug) was a fictional otherwise unnamed assassin and enforcer working for an heroin smuggler named Mr. Ramirez. A minor antagonist, the character briefly appeared during the pre-title sequence of the 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger, portrayed by the late stuntman Alf Joint.


Capungo is involved in Mr. Ramirez's plot of selling heroin through bananas. However, this is not the case when British agent James Bond raid the heroin laboratory by blowing it up. Upon being tell by his contact that he needs to leave the scene, Bond meets a traitorous cabaret dancer named Bonita in her dressing room. Needless to say, Capungo is hiding inside the dressing room, being ordered by Mr. Ramirez to kill Bond in revenge for destroying his business. However, Bond notice the thug through the reflection in Bonita's eye and engages into a fight, eventually pushing him into the bathtub filled with water. Reaching for Bond's discarded holster and Walther PPK, Capungo is fatally electrocuted by an electric fan hurled into the water by the spy.

Behind the scenes

Alf Joint, the stuntman who played Capungo, got the part when the actor originally cast was arrested as a cat burglar.

In the electrocution sequence, Joint was severely burned when a hot coil wrapped around his leg. The screams you hear are not entirely due to his acting abilities.



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