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For the character played by Claudio Santamaria, see Carlos Nikolic.

"The dollar isn't what it once was... the cost of war. I'm afraid that the corruption in this current government cannot be tolerated."
― Carlos receiving his money from Greene.[src]

Colonel Carlos was the fictional corrupt chief of Bolivian police and ally to General Medrano and Dominic Greene. A major antagonist, the character appeared in the 2008 James Bond film Quantum of Solace and was portrayed by Spanish actor Fernando Guillen Cuervo.


Quantum of Solace (film)

Colonel Carlos starts off as the contact of French agent René Mathis when James Bond goes over to La Paz, Bolivia, to investigate Dominic Greene's intent of securing a portion of Bolivian land for Quantum. He also meets Bond and MI6 agent Strawberry Fields during the Greene Planet Fundraiser Party, right before Bond escapes while Fields is killed by Greene's henchmen.

Eventually, Carlos reveals his true colors by murdering Mathis and implanting his body inside Bond's car in order to frame Bond for the murder and have him arrested by the police. However, Bond escapes again after killing two of Carlos' policemen, much to Carlos' anger.

Eventually, Carlos meets with exiled Bolivian general Luiz Medrano in Perla de las Dunas, a hotel in the Bolivia's Atacama Desert, as it turns out that Carlos is in cahoots in helping Medrano overthrow the Bolivian government as part of Greene's plan. Carlos receives his share of the money (through euros) from Elvis for his efforts, but before he leaves in his car, Bond jumps on the departing vehicle and shouts "You and I had a mutual friend!" before shooting him and his driver in the heads in revenge for Mathis' death. Carlos and the driver's bodies are destroyed when the car explodes after reversing into a fuel tank.

Eventually, Bond soon learned that Quantum was just a front run by Ernst Stavro Blofeld of SPECTRE, and that Carlos, along with Greene and Medrano, were all pawns as part of Blofeld's plot to wreak psychological pain on Bond.