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Carter was a fictional British field operative who worked alongside James Bond in Madagascar. He appeared in the 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale and was portrayed by Joseph Millson. The character would later appear in the video game adaption of Quantum of Solace, named Brian Carter and without Millson's likeness.


Casino Royale (film)

Sent to apprehend a bomb maker named Mollaka in Madagascar, Carter and Bond observe the terrorist at a local mongoose and snake fight. Carter mingles with the crowd while Bond watches from a short distance away. The crowd suddenly gets noisier leading Carter to keep touching his ear piece so he can hear Bond clearer. However, not hearing Bond's cries to put his hand down, Mollaka spots Carter and makes a run for it. Carter who is probably a junior agent, draws his gun and starts to make chase, but trips and falls into the crowd. His gun fires and the crowd run off in all directions. With their cover blown, Bond leaves his position and runs off in pursuit of the fleeing Mollaka.

Alternate continuities

Quantum of Solace (video game)

The game Quantum of Solace, he is given the first name, Brian and helps Bond pursue Mollaka until he commandeers a digger.


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