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Clair Dowar MP is the Home Secretary[1] of the United Kingdom. A minor character portrayed by British actress, Helen McCrory, she appeared in the 2012 James Bond film, Skyfall


Clair Dowar was the minister when M was trialed about retirement plans; she was consistently negative about M's actions during the recent security crisis, but was by no means willing to deny M a say in the proceedings, as she allowed her to give her own opinions after being prompted by Mallory and seemed intrigued by M's speech on how dangerous their foes had become. Dowar was present when Raoul Silva attempted to execute M in the courtroom. Upon seeing Silva and his two cohorts armed with guns, she demonstrated quick reflexes for a politician and dived behind the head desk. When Bond used the fire extinguishers to create a smokescreen, she managed to escape the courthouse thanks to the efforts of Eve Moneypenny.


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