Cold War
Western Bloc:
United Kingdom
New Zealand
United States

West Germany

Eastern Bloc:

Soviet Union
North Korea

East Germany


Victory Collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991

The Cold War was a period of geographical tension between the powers of the Western Bloc and Eastern Bloc. It was mainly the tension between the United States and Soviet Union via proxy wars such as The Vietnam War and The Invasion of Afghanistan. It was the objectives of the Soviet Union to expand Communism and the United States to contain it and expand democracy.[1] It is referenced throughout the James Bond series. In addition, Ian Fleming created the Cold War references for the basis of some 007 villains and parts of James Bond story-lines.

Impacts on the Bond Universe


The novels were heavily based on the Cold War and elements of the Cold War were incorporated into some of the novels based on real life events.

  • SMERSH is a villainous organisation based in Russia which was also a real organization in the early Bond novels such as From Russia,With Love. It resembles the KGB, the Soviet Union's secret police.


The Bond films from 1995 prior, used the Cold War as backdrop, but they were vaguely based on it.


Ian Fleming had gotten inspiration from observing the evil behaviour of the Russians and the KGB which promoted him to get writing about a hero who would protect the helpless and the innocent against evil.[2]


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