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Colonel Akakievich is the commanding officer of a Soviet nuclear testing facility in Kazakhstan and is a Colonel in the army of the Commonwealth of Independent States. A minor character portrayed by German actor, Claude-Oliver Rudolph, he appeared in the 1999 James Bond film, The World Is Not Enough, along with its accompanying novelisation by Raymond Benson.


Unraveling the conspiracy behind the King Industries oil pipeline, James Bond travels an old Soviet nuclear testing facility in Kazakhstan, owned by the Russian Atomic Energy Department. The facility is in the process of being decommissioned by scientists from the International Decommissioning Agency and is being guarded by the CIS army, under the command of a man named Colonel Akakievich.

Akakievich greets Bond, who is operating under the guise of Atomic Energy Department official Dr. Mikhail Arkov, of whom he is a great admirer, and leads him to meet one of their IDA physicists, Dr. Christmas Jones. After being directed into the bunker by Jones, 007 discovers that the terrorist Renard is attempting to steal a nuclear warhead. Holding the anarchist at gunpoint, Bond is suddenly interrupted by Akakievich and two unnamed officers.

Having been alerted to Bond's fraudulent identity by the suspicious Dr. Jones, Akakevich attempts to clear out the bunker, sending everyone to the surface pending an investigation. However, Renard has other plans and proceeds to open fire on the newcomers with a submachine gun, killing Akakievich and one of his men in the process.

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