Colonel Irina Sedova, codenamed Babushka, is a fictional Soviet spy and OGPU leader who is a major antagonist from author Charlie Higson's 2007 and 2008 Young Bond novels Double or Die, and By Royal Command.


Double or Die

Sedova worked with John Charnage of the U.K. to create a calculating machine for code cracking purposes. Ultimately, Charnage's incompetence led to a boy called James Bond taking the machine's designer Alexis Fairburn being rescued from them. Sedova then had Charnage killed by his own mercenary henchman, Ludwig Smith, and went to take Fairburn back, and ended up with Perry Mandeville as an additional hostage as she and one of her lieutenants dragged Fairburn through London's abandoned Pneumatic Rail System tunnels. She eventually dropped Mandeville after hitting him with her gun, and eventually became aware of Bond's presence. She bade him not to follow her, but he and Mandeville attacked, and sent her associate into a large fan in the tunnel floor, killing him. Bond however, landed on the walkway over the fan, and held a gun at Sedova, who was doing the same to him. She employed distraction tactics to throw him off guard, but he saw through them, but Sedova, knowing he would not pull the trigger, was allowed to walk away.

By Royal Command

Colonel Sedova grew up on a farm in the Ukraine. Having fought during the First World War and the subsequent Russian Revolution, she joined the Ministry of Propaganda, where she made a series of Soviet propaganda films. Later she joined the Obedinenie Gosudarstvennoe Politicheskoe Upravlenie, the Russian secret police. At the time of the novel By Royal Command, her job was to run spies and secret agents throughout Europe, with the aim of undermining foreign governments and eliminating anyone who might be working to harm the new communist regime.[1]



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