Colthorpe is an MI6 ballistics expert who appears in the 1974 James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun. He was portrayed by James Cossins.

Film biography

Colthorpe is present during Bond's briefing with M, along with Bill Tanner, where they discuss the golden bullet supposedly sent from assassin Francisco Scaramanga.

Colthorpe later assists Q as they attempt to analyse the remains of the bullet that killed 002. The ballistics expert assists Bond's investigation by identifying the bullet as having been made by a Portuguese man named Lazar living in Macau. A formal, refined gentleman, little else is learnt about his character.

Behind the scenes

The first draft of the script originally called the role Boothroyd until it was realised that was also Q's official name and it was subsequently changed.[1] Colthorpe's character in many ways reflects the literary character of Major Boothroyd more accurately than Q, a no nonsense weapon specialist opposed to a comical technical genius.


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