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Commander Talbot was the fictional commanding officer of the British Royal Navy submarine, HMS Ranger. A minor ally played by the late British actor Bryan Marshall, he appeared in the 1977 James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me, and was subsequently adapted for the film's accompanying novelisation, penned by Christopher Wood.


Commander Talbot captains the HMS Ranger, one of Britain's four nuclear submarines. When the submarine encounters something strange underwater while cruising at a depth of 500ft, the vessel surfaces, only to see the bow of Karl Stromberg's submarine-hunting Liparus supertanker opening to swallow the Ranger. Talbot, along with his crew, remains prisoners on-board the Liparus until James Bond liberates them. Talbot later leads a raid on the ship's armory and provides weapons for the newly liberated British, American and Soviet sailors. During the battle for control of the ship Talbot is killed by an enemy grenade.

Alternate continuities

In Christopher Wood's novelisation of the film, Talbot is described as "in his mid-thirties, blond-haired and handsome in a typically English way".[1] The captain of HMS Ranger, one of Britain's Resolution Class nuclear-powered ballistic-missile submarines, his father was Rear-Admiral Talbot, a personal friend of M.[2] Unlike the film, the capture of his vessel is not depicted and instead played as a mystery. The character is only introduced on-board the Lepadus (the novel's designation for the Liparus), after he and his crew are rescued from captivity by 007. Unlike the film, he survives the initial firefight, and it is he who leads the futile assault on the secured control room. After his men are mowed down by machine-gun fire, Talbot charges on; only to be ignited by flamethrower fire and collapses on his own grenade.[1]


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