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Dolly is the fictional love interest of steel-toothed assassin Jaws. The character appeared in EON Productions' 1979 film Moonraker and was portrayed by French actress Blanche Ravalec.


In Rio de Janeiro, during an attempt to assassinate James Bond by running a cable car into him, Jaws and his associate accidentally crash the car into the terminal building. He is rescued from the rubble by a short, blonde girl and the pair instantly fall in love. The couple later accompany wealthy megalomaniac Hugo Drax and his "master race" astronauts, to an orbiting space station. After 007 is taken prisoner, he is lectured (in Dolly and Jaws' presence) on Drax's plan to annihilate and replace the human race with a new master race sired by his handpicked ubermenschen. Bond tricks Drax into revealing his intent to kill anyone who fails to meet his standards of physical perfection – causing the hulking, dentally-disfigured Jaws and his petite, nearsighted girlfriend concern. She provides Jaws with quiet encouragement to switch his allegiance and help 007.

Aided by Bond's sabotage, U.S. space marine astronauts board the station to stop Drax's scheme and destabilize its structural-integrity during the resulting laser rifle firefight. As Bond and his allies flee the disintegrating station, Dolly and Jaws reunite in the control room and share a final bottle of Bollinger Champagne together. Shortly afterward, Dolly and Jaws help Bond and Holly Goodhead escape in Moonraker 5 by releasing a jammed docking mechanism. The section which they were on subsequently broke away from the exploding station and drifted. The space marines' commanding officer, Colonel Scott, later reported to mission control that he had picked up two survivors from the doomed station - "a tall man and a short blonde woman".

Behind the scenes

Not appearing in screenwriter Christopher Wood's early screenplays[1] or accompanying novelization, he explained that the character of Dolly was not his idea and furthermore he hated her.[2] The character was instead conceived later in production by Albert R. Broccoli, Michael G. Wilson and actor Richard Kiel.[2] Partly as a result of such decisions, Wood remarked that "Jaws, alas, had totally sacrificed credibility as a figure of menace".[2]



  • Though both Jaws and Dolly are primarily mute characters, the reason for this, in Dolly's case, is unknown.


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