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Dr. Alvarez was the fictional corrupt director of the eponymously-named DNA replacement therapy clinic, La Clinica Alvarez, on the Isla de Los Organos, Cuba. A supporting antagonist portrayed by Spanish actor, Simón Andreu, he briefly appeared in the 2002 James Bond film, Die Another Day. The character also appeared in Raymond Benson's accompanying novelization.


Dr. Alvarez is the director of the eponymously-named gene therapy clinic, La Clinica Alvarez, and supposedly leads the field. Ostensibly increasing the life expectancy of Cuban officials and the richest Westerners, the doctor also offers DNA replacement therapy to a variety of criminal clientele, providing them with completely new identities. Viewing himself as an artist, Alvarez's painful 'therapy' involved killing off the patient's bone marrow and wiping the DNA slate clean; creating a 'blank canvas' which could be subsequently molded into almost any configuration. To achieve this, he used DNA harvested from orphans, runaways, people that "won’t be missed", implying that he may have kidnapped several people to speed up the process of his therapy for more profit. Such therapy came at a cost - pain, irreparable insomnia, and a hefty two million dollar price-tag.[3] Notable clients included rogue North Korean military officer Colonel Tan-Sun Moon and his accomplice, Zao. The former was provided the identity of a British Caucasian male called Gustav Graves, whereas the latter was under therapy to become a German Caucasian.

During March 2002[1], an undercover NSA agent tasked with assassinating Zao, Giacinta 'Jinx' Johnson, met with Alvarez at his clinic under the guise of arranging gene therapy.[3][2] In a same time, James Bond learns what Alvarez did for Zao and infiltrates the clinic to meet him for a questioning. Jinx finally shot Alvarez to his death with a suppressed pistol after hearing about the therapy, informing the 'artist' that "most artists are only appreciated after they’re dead" and proceeded to extract information about the Korean from his computer. However, after this, Zao escapes both Jinx and Bond despite their efforts to stop him.

Alternate continuities

Die Another Day (novelisation)

Appearing in Raymond Benson's novelization of the film, Alvarez is described differently to his film persona; as a middle-aged Cuban with thick-rimmed glasses and a bushy moustache.[4] Aside from a difference in physical appearance, the character is almost identical to his cinematic counterpart.


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