Dr. Julius Gorner, is the main villain in the 2008 James Bond Novel Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulks.

Novel biography

Early Life

Born in Lithuania, Gorner was born afflicted with Main de Singe, or Monkey's hand, in his left hand, meaning that his left thumb was not opposable, and his hand was covered in thick hair. He later studied Politics, Economics, and Chemistry at Oxford, where he was a generally unlikable student who cheated without needing to, and refused to believe that he did not already know everything. He eventually came to believe that his fellow students disliked him because he was foreign, and he then swore vengeance against all of England.

Devil May Care

in 1967, Gorner would attempt to destroy England by trafficking heroin into the country. His accumulation of Opioid drugs caught the attention of the SIS, who sent Agent 007 to investigate him. He agreed to play Bond at tennis on the court that he had rigged for cheating by raising and lowering the net to give himself impossible shots to return and make Bond's balls hit the net every time. In their third set of games, Gorner's minion Chagrin was removed from the security room by Scarlett Papava, whose sister was effectively Gorner's captive, due to Gorner keeping her happy with a steady supply of drugs at no cost to her. He chose Papava as his captive because her father, who was one of his professors at Oxford, had spoken to him of another man he knew afflicted with Main de Singe, which infuriated Gorner and caused him to wear a white glove on his left hand thereafter. It then became his goal to destroy England, which he planned to do by creating a massive influx of heroin to destroy the young people. He created the heroin in a desert fortress in Iran, which was staffed by opium addicts that he paid in heroin until they died. In order to quicken England's heroin addiction, Gorner sent an Ekranoplan, a submarine-airship, bearing a Union flag to attack Stalingrad with soldiers carrying fake British passports to facilitate war. Bond foiled his plan, but Gorner had him followed and sent Chagrin to Moscow in case that happened. Chagrin was unsuccessful, and Gorner himself tracked Bond down to Paris where he attempted to kill Bond discreetly while a band played loud enough to drown out the silenced bullet. Bond caused a distraction by revealing Gorner's disfigured hand, and Gorner ended up committing suicide to avoid letting Bond win. He did this by diving off a bridge with a wounded leg into a boat's propeller.

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