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Dr. Julius No was a fictional nuclear scientist and SCUM agent who appeared in the 199192 spin-off series, James Bond Jr.. Voiced by English actor Julian Holloway, the character was a re-imagining of the literary and cinematic character who first appeared in Ian Fleming's 1957 novel Dr. No and was subsequently adapted for EON Productions' 1962 James Bond film of the same name.


Dr. No is a prominent agent of the crime organization SCUM and regular opponent of James Bond. The character is first seen kidnapping Professor Frost, a scientist involved in cryogenics. Dr. No later attempted to steal all the water reserves in the Middle-East. Later he kidnaps Lily Mai, a new student at Warfield Academy, in an attempt to settle and old score of his with Macau's chief criminal organization, the Raven Triad. He later sends his Ninjas to Japan to steal a prized sword in his plan to learn of the sword's powerful material origin and uses it to create a powerful weapon for his arsenal. Dr. No later teams up with Oddjob using purple roses to hypnotize people. In a final bid for world domination, the villain attempted to kidnap Major Boothroyd and his schematics for an impenetrable government airship known as "the Vulture".

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  • The appearance of the character was drastically altered for the series: his accent, costume and mustache are quite exaggeratedly Asian and many of his schemes involve ninjas, samurai swords and the like.
  • His skin was also rendered bright green - perhaps a callback to his seeming death by radioactivity, but also not an uncommon treatment for Asian villains to receive in animation at the time.

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