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Dr. Julius No is a fictional guano refinery owner and explosives manufacturer who appeared in the 2015 video-game James Bond: World of Espionage. The character is a re-imagining of the literary and film character who first appeared in Ian Fleming's 1958 novel Dr. No and was subsequently adapted for EON Productions' 1962 James Bond film of the same name.


After a shark-mauled MI6 agent in Jamaica washes up on shore after investigating a missing persons case near a guano factory owned by Dr. Julius No, M sends Bond to follow up on the case. The factory ostensibly produces organic fertiliser, however it is revealed to be a cover for explosives manufacturing utilising the high concentration of phosphates in guano. After being attacked by assassins before and during a meeting with Miss Taro, one of the Doctor's spies on the island, Bond and fellow trespasser Honey Ryder travel through the mangroves to Dr. No's facility where they are captured by the Doctor's men. There, he dines with Dr. No and is subjected to torture as a pain threshold experiment. Meanwhile, the doctor plans to feed Honey to the crabs, bit by bit. 007 fights back and overcomes him. Analysis of Dr. No's explosives by Q Branch found trace elements which matched those used by former IRA bomber and rogue MI6 informant Dorian Reid in Afghanistan.

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