Elizabeth “Liz” Krest is a character who appears in both the Fleming short story, The Hildebrand Rarity (which is part of the For Your Eyes Only short story compilation).

Novel biography

Brought up in Ringwood, England, Elizabeth was a model turned hotel receptionist until she met and married rich entrepreneur Milton Krest. She met James Bond while he was on assignment in the Seychelles following her husband, in the search for the rare fish, "The Hildebrand Rarity". Elizabeth is subject to much verbal and physical abuse by Milton, who punishes her with the use of a stingray tail he dubs "The Corrector". Krest finds the Hildebrand Rarity and kills it—along with many other fish—by pouring poison into the water.

Bond finds Krest murdered, who had the fish stuffed down his throat. So as not to instigate a murder investigation, Bond throws Krest overboard and cleans up the crime scene, making it appear that Krest fell overboard after one of his hammock ropes broke. Bond suspects Elizabeth, but is unsure if she is responsible.

Afterwards, Elizabeth invites Bond to stay on her boat as a guest and sail with her to Mombasa, India, his next destination, he accepts her invitation. Bond was still unsure if it was her who killed her husband, and he never asks, probably thinking she deserved revenge on Milton for her years of ill treatment.

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