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Enrico Colombo is an ally of James Bond's who helps him in the fight to stop Soviet backed smugglers flooding English cities with drugs in the short story "Risico" from the For Your Eyes Only collection.


In "Risico" James Bond is sent by M to investigate a drug smuggling operation based out of northern Italy that is pumping narcotics into England. M instructs Bond to get in touch with a CIA informant, named Kristatos, who in turn tells Bond that a man called "The Dove", Enrico Colombo, is behind the racket. Colombo owns the restraint the pair were dining at and sends his mistress Lisl Baum to follow Bond and sway him to join forces with him instead.

When Bond sets out to find more information on Colombo, by way of Lisl, he is captured by Colombo's men and brought aboard his ship, the Colombina. While in captivity Colombo says he wants he and Bond to be "friends" and informs Bond that, in fact, Kristatos is actually the one in charge of the drug smuggling operation and that he is being backed by the Russians. On the next day, the Colombina arrives at Santa Maria, where men are loading another shipment. Bond, Colombo, and the crew of the Colombina attack the warehouse and discover Kristatos inside. While trying to escape, Kristatos is shot by Bond.

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