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Estrella is a fictional Mexican intelligence operative and minor character who appeared in the 2015 James Bond film, Spectre. She is portrayed by Stephanie Sigman.


An agent of the Mexican Secret Service, Estrella briefly accompanies James Bond at the Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico City while he is on the trail of Marco Sciarra. As Bond spots Sciarra, he and Estrella go into a hotel nearby. In the hotel room, Estrella assumes they will take to the bed. However, Bond quickly readies himself to leave and continue his task, which is to assassinate Sciarra. Estrella asks him where he is going, and Bond assures her that he will be back. This is the last time Estrella is seen in the film. Bond continues with his objective and returns to London, where he is reprimanded by M for going to Mexico without authorization.



  • Her name is never said in the film.

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