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Everything or Nothing soundtrack cover

Front cover of the Everything or Nothing jewel CD case.

The soundtrack for Everything or Nothing was released on November 17, 2003 by Electronic Arts. soundtrack includes a full-length rendition of the James Bond theme. The in-game music was composed by composer Sean Callery, with additional music by Jeff Tymoschuk. Later in 2006, Electronic Arts published Callery's score appeared for sale exclusively on Rhapsody.

Sean Callery hints at his electro-orchestral tendencies here, but largely stays faithful to the melodies of the original. He waits till the main gameplay sequences to really assert his identity. For example, on "To Arms", he combines the exuberant orchestrations and punchy brass typical of David Arnold, with various percussive elements and electronic distortions typical of his 24 scores. The result has an enormous impact in the game and serves as some of the series' most appealing music on a stand-alone basis too.

While Everything or Nothing didn't receive a widespread music release, Sean Callery clearly intended the music to stand on its own. From a functional perspective, "Silent Ascension" enhances the infiltration feel of the game's stages with its electro-orchestral ambient soundscaping. However, it is also quite satisfying on a stand-alone level, thanks to Callery's creative use of solo and tutti strings. "Kiss Kiss Fight" is another impressive fusion of orchestral and contemporary elements that brings genuine chaos and intensity to the action sequences. "Freefall" turns the volume up a few notches and proves to be a gigantic action cue.

While most of the tracks on the score are electro-orchestral fusions, there is still plenty of diversity within. For example, the fusion of "Tunisia" introduces various Spanish instruments and tonalities, culminating in a fantastic interlude at the 0:42 mark. It's a very entertaining depiction. "Egyptian Descent" further focuses on regional elements — this time Arabian instruments and vocals — but includes the hook of the James Bond theme as well. It comes together surprisingly well. A further highlight is "Restoration", a more cinematic entry that depicts the antagonist in a stereotypical but exciting way with Russian choir.

Track Listing

  1. James Bond Theme
  2. Russian Liar
  3. Bond Jumps Through Glass
  4. Collecting Stuff in New Orleans
  5. Bond Escapes Fortress
  6. Crash into Lobby
  7. Entering the Train
  8. Save Katya
  9. Graveyard at Night
  10. Jaws
  11. Mine Facility Fight
  12. Hand to Hand Combat
  13. Rooftop Bike Chase
  14. Quick Action
  15. Russian Tank
  16. Sneaking Around the Train Cars
  17. Train Chase
  18. The Crematorium
  19. Tank Battle 2
  20. Bond in Sneak Mode
  21. Winning the Trophy

Notably, the album does not include the main theme song "Everything or Nothing" sung by Mýa.[1]


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