"You're a loose cannon on deck. I'm shipping you straight back to London."
― Fallon to James Bond.[src]

Fallon was a fictional Secret Intelligence Service agent based in the Republic of Isthmus; tasked with arresting rogue agent James Bond, dead or alive. The character appeared in the 1989 James Bond film Licence to Kill, portrayed by actor Christopher Neame, and was given the full name Nick Fallon[1] in John Gardner's accompanying novelization.

Film biography

Fallon is MI6's man in Isthmus City who M orders to bring back Bond to London at any cost. According to the film's novelisation, Fallon had been the Secret Intelligence Service's man in Isthmus City for nearly four years. His title was that of British Consul, for there was no British Embassy in Isthmus, and routinely relayed information to SIS; sometimes daily, but usually weekly.[1] During the film's events, Fallon is present during Bond's brief interrogation by Hong Kong Narcotics agents Kwang and Loti; who had prevented a vengeful Bond from assassinating drug lord Franz Sanchez. Fallon prepares to drug Bond and ship him home, when Heller, Sanchez's head of security, fires a tank shell at the safe house, killing Fallon instantly.



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