Ferenc Kress was a character in the 1971 James Bond Comic Fear Face.

Comic Biography

Fear Face

Kress was the leader of an Italian mob that kidnapped MI6 Agent 0013 and framed her as a spy for Chinese Communists. He and his men then smuggled 0013 to Italy where they left her with a fake Canadian passport and tickets to England. Kress then enlisted the help of Ivor Lambert to steal maps to the locations of major ore strike from Magnus Mining, and sell them back to Sir William Magnus for 100,000 pounds. He soon finds Agent 007 and 0013 sneaking into their base of operations, and he left them bound and gagged in the care of Dr. Lambert, while he revealed to Magnus that he was instead planning to auction off the maps to other mining companies. 007 then emerged into the room and held the men at gunpoint while he called the police. The three were then arrested.

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