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Fisher was the fictional contact of corrupt MI6 section chief Dryden who was notable as the first man to be killed by James Bond and the first of two kills required in order for Bond to qualify for 00-status. A minor antagonist, the character appeared in the flashback of the pre-title sequence of EON Productions' 2006 film Casino Royale, portrayed by British actor Darwin Shaw.


Little is known about Fisher but it is assumed that he is involved in Dryden's plot to sell MI6 secrets on the black market. Sadly for the two, M discover their trickery and sends James Bond to kill them. The recruit tracks Fisher to a cricket match in Lahore, Pakistan. As Fisher spectates, he suddenly notices Bond shadowing him amongst the crowd of observers. Unnerved, the contact attempts to flee through the building, snatching his pistol from the changing rooms and proceeding into the adjoining restroom, where he chases out an innocent bystander at gunpoint. Suddenly, Bond bursts through the restroom door and wrestles the pistol from the thug's hand, smacking him into and through several toilet cubicles as both men fight for their lives. Eventually, Bond gains the upper hand, throwing Fisher hard against the wall and knocking him to the ground. Pulling him to his feet, he drags Fisher to a nearby sink and attempts to drown him. After several seconds of struggling, the man's body goes limp and crumples to the floor. However, Fisher is feigning his death and as Bond turns to retrieve his sidearm from the floor, the thug snatches his own weapon and takes aim. With lightning-fast reflexes, Bond turns and shoots first. Silhouetted against the white tiles and shot from the perspective of Fisher's gun barrel, this is shown on screen as a modified version of the traditional Gun barrel sequence and leads into the film's opening credits.

Behind the scenes

Although the cricket's scene where Bond notices Fisher have been cut in the film's final version, both script and deleted footage of the film show this.



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