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General Chang was a fictional high-ranking officer in the Chinese armed forces, who was to be part of media baron Elliot Carver's conspiracy. A secondary antagonist portrayed by the late Taiwanese actor, Philip Kwok, the character appeared briefly in the 1997 James Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies. Chang's role was more prominent in Raymond Benson's novelization of the same name.


General Chang is a perfidious Chinese military officer who allied with Elliot Carver. Chang intended to wipe out the Chinese top politicians and military officers with Carver's nuclear rocket and, afterwards, take over the government in China. In return he pledged to grant the Carver Media Group Network exclusive media broadcasting rights for the next one hundred years. Chang was the one responsible for providing Carver with stealth materials which he stole in secret from one of his military bases for Carver to build his Stealth Ship.

He is seen in Saigon in one of Carver's buildings after he captured both James Bond and Wai Lin. There they discovered the plot and upon escaping, Chang sent troops after Wai Lin to silence her, though his henchmen were unsuccessful.

Chang's ultimate fate is unknown. He was possibly demoted and almost certainly arrested for his involvement with Elliot Carver and attempting to have Wai Lin killed. He may even have been charged with treason, and executed as a result.


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