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Gobinda falls to his death.

Gobinda is Kamal Khan's primary and most loyal henchman. A major antagonist portrayed by Indian actor, Kabir Bedi, and doubled by stuntman, BJ Worth[1], the character first appeared in the 1983 James Bond film, Octopussy.


British agent James Bond first spies the tall, imposing man when Gobinda is acting as chauffeur for Kamal Kahn and his henchwoman Magda in a street after the Sotheby's auction. Later in India, it is clear Gobinda means business when he destroys the rigged dice at the hotel casino and peruses 007 and his Indian ally, Vijay, through the Udaipur markets. Ultimately the goon captures Bond, after Magda seduces the spy, and he is swiftly transported to stay as Kahn's 'guest' at the Monsoon Palace.

Gobinda appears in a number of scenes, generally accompanying Kamal Khan wherever he goes, and performing various other duties, mainly security based. He confronts Bond on a number of occasions, the highlights being their fight aboard Octopussy’s train, and Khan eventually instructs him to fight 007 atop their airborne plane, albeit understandably with some reluctance. His reluctance was with good concern, as that was a very risky venture that ultimately led to Gobinda's doom. Bond figured he was outmatched and wing-walking makes a poor choice for a battleground. While Gobinda is attempting to grab Bond, 007 pulls back the plane's antenna and snaps it at Gobinda's head. Gobinda screams in pain due to the blistering sting of the antenna's snap, and it also causes him to loosen his arm's grip on the fuselage, causing him to fall to his death.

Behind the scenes



  • After Bond wins Kamal’s fixed game of backgammon, Gobinda crushes the loaded dice with his bare hands – similar of Oddjob crushing Goldfinger’s golf ball 19 years earlier.
  • Gobinda had some parallel to Jaws, in that they were both physically intimidating men who said little. Both had stunt doubles in a climatic scene of high altitude, although in the case of Jaws being on the aerial tram, actor Richard Kiel refused to do such a dangerous stunt, citing his acrophobia.
  • Gobinda was similar to Necros: they were large men fiercely loyal to their boss, both seemed to overpower Bond in an even fight and both men died from being defenestrated from an airplane in flight.


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