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Goldie Finger is a fictional gold-obsessed criminal and the daughter of Auric Goldfinger. A reoccurring antagonist voiced by American actress, Kath Soucie, the character appeared in the 1991-92 animated television series, James Bond Jr; beginning with episode 14, "City of Gold".


Goldfinger's spoiled and equally crooked daughter, Goldie Finger shares her father's love of gold and his ruthlessness. Though occasionally teaming up with her father, she tends to prefer working with Barbella; acting as the brains to Barbella's brawn.

Her first scheme involved a lost city of solid gold in the Caribbean. She and Barbella used the curse of the "golden dragon" to scare off inquisitive explorers; whilst planning on melting down the ancient structures, channeling the molten gold through the city below and into her stolen oil tanker. However, she wasn't counting on James Bond Jr. arriving for a field trip. He escapes her attempt to turn him into a golden statue and uses a foil wrapper to reflect the sun at her golden helicopter. Dazzled by the light, she collides with and shatters the giant mirror she is using to melt the city. Her chopper subsequently crashes into the ocean.


  • City of Gold
  • Going for the Gold
  • Goldie's Gold Scam
  • Goldie Finger at the End of the Rainbow


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