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Gonzales' henchman is a fictional unnamed mercenary serving under Hector Gonzales. He later takes command of Gonzales' men after his death at the hands of Melina Havelock. The minor villain appeared in the 1981 James Bond film For Your Eyes Only, portrayed by stuntman Clive Curtis.


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The henchman is first seen taking James Bond captive after he catches the spy attempting to sneak into Gonzales' Spanish villa through the woods surrounding the property. He and his colleague search the spy and take his Walther PPK. They then take Bond to Gonzales who is doing business with Locque beside the pool.

Handing him the PPK, Gonzales recognizes the weapon as the standard issue firearm of the British Secret Service and orders Bond to be taken away, presumably to be shot. It is at this moment that the Cuban hitman is shot in the back by Melina, who has been lurking in the woods.

In the ensuing chaos Bond knocks one of his captors into the pool and escapes over the villa wall into the woods. The henchman manages to fire several shots at Bond, but ultimately is unable to catch him. Eventually the spy manages to get to the relative safety of Melina's Citroën 2CV and a car chase through the Spanish countryside ensues.

With the henchman and two cars full of mercenaries in pursuit, Bond accidentally topples the 2CV in a crowded village. As 007 and Melina (with the help of some villagers) attempt to roll the car onto its wheels, a traffic pile-up begins with a bus blocking the mercenaries' path through the cramped street. After gesturing wildly at the bus driver to reverse and clear the street, the henchman fires his pistol menacingly in the air. The threat has the desired effect, but by the time the bus has moved the 2CV is already up-righted and escaping.

Continuing the chase through winding hill roads, the henchman's car attempts to force Bond off the road twice. Although the first attempt succeeds, the second attempt fails miserably as Bond's quick braking sends the henchman's car careering into the second car behind him. The henchman's vehicle is sent tumbling down the hillside, landing on its roof on the road below. Bruised and bloodied, the henchman stares in horror as the second car hurtles around the corner, hitting the car a second time and sending its occupants spinning in circles.


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