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Greene's driver, also known as The driver, was an unnamed Quantum operative who served as Dominic Greene's chauffeur and bodyguard. A minor character, he appeared in the 2008 James Bond film Quantum of Solace and was portrayed by Carl von Malaisé.


The silent bodyguard first appearance is during the opera performance, where he stands guard over Greene in his personal box. As the meeting is compromised by James Bond, the driver maintains his stoic appearances, gathering up Greene's cabal of guards and ushering them to his vehicle. As the group prepares to leave, Bond throws Guy Haines' bodyguard on Greene's car. The villain orders the driver to kill the injured man and the henchman shot him in the chest, killing him and letting Bond be framed for the murder.

The driver is later seen at the Eco Hotel in Bolivia's Atacama Desert, where he watches over Greene's meeting with General Medrano and the corrupt Bolivian police chief in regards to their payment for Quantum's continued control of Bolivia's water supply. The calm of the meeting is however shattered by the arrival of Bond, who kills the police chief. During the ensuing shooting, Greene and his other henchman Elvis attempts to evacuate to the hotel's upper floors while the driver stay behind in order to kill Bond but he scarcely proves a deterrent to the determined agent, who shoots the henchman in the stomach repeatedly with a SIG-Sauer P226, killing him. The driver's corpse is later incinerated when the Hotel is destroyed.


The driver's calm nature indicated a fierce loyalty to his employer, something further demonstrated by his complete willingness to sacrifice his life to protect Greene. Despite this apparent bond to Greene, he is also shown as a borderline sociopath due to his murder of Guy Haines' bodyguard without flinching or question.


  • Malaisé is a former classmate and personal close friend of Quantum of Solace director Marc Forster and that's why he was assigned the role.
  • The Driver carried a Taurus PT92 as his sidearm.


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